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Anne Publishes Fourth Novel

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Shadow of DeathAnne Nichols Reynolds has published Shadow of Death, her fourth novel.

Shadow of Death is a murder mystery involving estranged identical twins, Liz Crandall and Piper DeVries.

Liz’s murder brings Piper to Crandall, North Carolina, where she finds no shortage of people who wanted to harm her sister. A reclusive Nam sniper with PTSD, Benny Sauers, relates to Piper his unusual, platonic relationship with Liz. Piper learns she has misjudged her sister’s actions over the years, and she wants the killer brought to justice.

Piper lives in the cabin her twin rented from Jonathan Drake for two years before Liz married the town’s most respected resident, Walker Crandall. Drake’s a renowned writer of thrillers and a man of mystery. Although successful, Drake chooses to live in the past.

To pay her rent, Piper transcribes Drake’s newest novel, Shadow of Death, from longhand to manuscript format. As the mystery of Jonathan Drake’s past unravels, he shares the top of Piper’s growing list of suspects along with Liz’s husband.

Read a sample of Shadow of Death and find purchase details here…

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